Yours truly’s handpicked selection of Waldorf Blofeld demos


I Want a Blofeld!

The Waldorf Blofeld is a synth I’ve been seriously wanting for a while now. Even though I use Waldorf’s Largo and Q synths on a regular basis and in theory should therefore be quite well covered when it comes to the unique sound of Waldorf’s digital synthesizers, I keep laying awake at night (no, it’s not a joke – this kinda stuff happens to me) wondering if tomorrow is the day I should just give in and order a shiny new white Blofeld Keyboard at some online store not too far away from me. Or just the tabletop version to begin with (it’s a lot cheaper, right) and then upgrade to the insanely good looking keyboard version in the future. There’s something really, really special about the sound of this synth (and the looks too, that’s for sure) that has me convinced I’m going to have to get one for myself. Soon.

For now, though, I will have to make do with demos of the Blofeld, of which there are a few good ones to be found on youtube. Here’s some I’ve picked out for anyone wondering what kinds of things you can get out of the Blofeld, which to me can sound both harsh and warm and lends itself extremely well to digital, furustic sounds and soundscape/soundtrack work. The Blofeld is a little badboy and perhaps not for everyone, but when used in the right context I think it’s a fantastic synth, and a real bargain too (if I don’t convince anyone to buy one I should at least have convinced myself very soon).

The Demos

Here’s the demos. Let’s start with Jexus’ atmospheric (and subtly disturbing) Blofeld Sound Trip. Enjoy!


Here’s one from the ever popular Katsunori Ujiie, who happens to be one of the coolest synth demonstrators out there (as well as being a true native on the land of the ninja!):


A track made with the Blofeld and Native Instrument’s Maschine that I really like. Not a mere demo, of course, but I as I think it demonstrates what you can do with the Blofeld really well I think it belongs here.