is live!

Please welcome my new blog to the world. I hope you like it.

Who and I and what is this blog all about?

As for me, I’m an electronic music guy who loves everything about making and listening to (good) electronic music. To be honest, I love most things about music and music making period. I’ve been doing this stuff for a good number of years now, so I thought, hey, why not start a blog about it. So here it is!

This blog will be about the following (mostly):

Synths and everything about synths that you could imagine.

Electronic music production technique, tips and tricks.

Cool new discoveries in the world of electronic music as well as plenty of stuff about the classics.

New products that I find interesting (a wide variety: everything from effect plugins to sample libraries, analog synths and Moog t-shirts, probably!)

And probably a few more things as well.

Please come back and visit soon!