Act Now and Get a GREAT Deal on Slate Digital Products

(UPDATE: This offer is obviously no longer valid). I love saving money,¬† but then I also love buying grade A audio plugins that make my music sound better and more professional. Feel the same? Good! Here’s your chance to get yourself some kick ass plugins and save some money at the same time: Slate Digital’s Virtual Tape Machine, Virtual Console Collection, FG-X Mastering Processor and Trigger Platinum are currently on sale, and you can save even more money by getting them from

These are high quality products (I use the Virtual Console Collection every single day myself) so they’re always easy to recommend – and it’s even easier now that you can save so much money on them. Just follow instructions below:

Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machine
$169.15 when you redeem the “FALL15” coupon code e-download-license-p-11808.html

Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection
$126.65 when you redeem the “FALL15” coupon code lection-download-license-p-11128.html

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor
$126.65 when you redeem the “FALL15” coupon code 9382.html

Slate Digital Trigger Platinum
$143.65 when you redeem the “FALL15” coupon code wnload-license-p-13095.html

Enjoy. If you get any (and you should, honestly) then¬† let me know what you think about them. I’ll also be writing in depth articles about these lovely plugins here soon, just so you know.