Orbital’s Hartnoll vs Hartnoll: The Brother Battle (Classic Interview)

Cover art from Orbital's third album Snivilisation - obviously!

Here’s a real gem for you Orbital fans out there (none of whom is a bigger Orbital fan than yours truly, let’s be clear about that, ok?) from last year that I just discovered (I need to spend more time online, obviously).

This is an interview with a bit of a weird spin: each Orbital brother gets to ask the other one a question, after which the interviewee of the moment is awarded points (1-5) from the interviewer. Phil is the oldest of the two, so he gets to ask Paul the first question.

This is an absolute must watch – brilliant stuff that is coming to us from KindaMuzik on Vimeo (many thanks, guys). Just under twenty minutes in length (there was a shorter, edited version on Vimeo too, but as I only really allow hardcore Orbital fans to visit this blog I didn’t want to serve you guys something that felt a bit watered down – here you get the full, uncut interview).

You´ll get answers to questions that may have, well, haunted you for years, such as:

– What does Phil envy about Paul?
– Which Orbital album is Paul least happy with? (I’ll admit that Paul’s reply here actually surprised me a wee bit, I thought’d he’d name the one before that. I do get his reasoning behind that choice, though.)
– Where would Paul be without Phil?
– What would Paul have liked to change about the history of Orbital?

…. and more. Enjoy!


Thanks again, KindaMuzik.net. Brilliant stuff.