Kebu – Michael’s Anthem

Using analog synths and drum machines almost exclusively, Finnish artist Kebu makes old school electronica  in the vein of Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis (you know, from a time when popular electronic music actually had melodies). The result is great sounding music that will hopefully not only appeal to long term synth enthusiasts like myself but also  younger people whose electronic music references growing up may be entirely different.

I’ve heard a good few artists over the years try to recreate this particular type of electronic music. I’ve even tried it myself at times. Kebu, however, does it well. Not only can you hear that the music is put together by a real craftsman, but like the above-mentioned masters of the past Kebu also has the ability to come up with memorable, engaging melodies that you want to hear again. Just listen to this track, entitled Michael’s Anthem and taken from his debut album To Jupiter and Back, for an example of that:

You can learn more about Kebu and his music at his website, and purchase To Jupiter and Back on, Itunes. or any of the stores listed on his site. You can also check out more of his videos on his YouTube Channel.