Analogue Solutions Medic Modules – These Should Be Bloody Good!

As an owner of a humble but growing Eurorack modular system I will admit to spending waaaaay too much time online looking for new gizmos to fill my Doepfer case with. It’s fun, though, and there’s so much fantastic stuff coming out regularly that I feel compelled to keep up with it all. Has there ever been a better time to be a modular synthesist? Not that I can see, at least (actually, there hasn’t been a better time to be a synthesist period, in my opinion). We’ve been really spoiled for choice these last few years – and spoiling us even more is British Analogue Solutions with their new Medic series of Eurorack modules.

While I wouldn’t classify these as the first pieces of music technology that look like medical equipment (even my Akai S900 would look right at home in a hospital), these modules have the look of something having gone very wrong at whatever clinic they came from. Because there’s blood spattered on them (not real blood, I presume, but it does look quite convincing in pictures). These would no doubt be your first modules choice if you were making a horror movie about a crazy modular synthesist. Knowing how great Analogue Solutions gear can sound, however, I’d say they’d stand a good chance of being many people’s first choice regardless. And I won’t be too surprised if at least one of them ends up in my rack.

The Analogue Solutions Medic modules – designed by AS’ own Tom Carpenter – also come with fitting names like EKG and Defibrillator – the latter of which you can get a glimpse in the video above.

The Debrillator (which can be had for £249 exc VAT and delivery) is described as three independent modules: a High pass / low pass VCF, a low pass VCF, and a VCA. It is based on the Korg MS20 filter and the Analogue Solutions SY02 module. Each circuit is independent, andb can be linked in series using the Link switches, or used separately in parallel for individual processing or stereo filter effects.

The EKG Elektro Kardio Gramm (also £249) – is an 8 step analog sequencer with “unique mode switches.” It has CV Out, Gate Out, Clock in, Clock Thru and Reset In. Each step can be turned off, skipped, repeated or set as a reset point.

There’s also at least one more module that will hopefully be ready for sale soon – I’ll keep you updated on that here.

For more info and to purchase these bloody modules, head straight to Analogue Solutions. If you’re partial to quality hardware synths you’ll find plenty of other bloody good stuff to spend your money on there as well, trust me.