Check This Out: Sebastian Arnold – Driving a Spaceship

I love making new discoveries in music, and sometimes I just know within seconds of hearing a new piece that it’s happened again. Driving a Spaceship by Berlin based electronic musician and “mad scientist drummer” Sebastian Arnold was an instant hit with me, and I knew I was a Sebastian Arnold fan long before the six minute track had ended. This stuff is right down my alley, and the track was basically put on repeat right away.

Driving a Spaceship is taken from Arnold’s new album Interstellar Getaway, which you can purchase on Itunes. Visit Sebastian Arnold’s site for more info. You can also follow Sebastian Arnold on Twitter.

Gear spotters: In this performance, which was recorded at ANTJE ØKLESUND Audiovisual Laboratory Berlin, Sebastian Arnold uses his trusty Nord Modular G2 and NordRack 2X synths, a Korg Kaoss Pad Mini, drum triggers and an Alesis Control Pad. Cymbals are Ufip Traditional 14″ HiHat, Spizzichino 18″ Medium with Rivets, Bosphorus 24″ Ride, Brady 14″ Snare, WAHAN drumkit with 22″ bassdrum, 16″ floortom.

Interestingly, he apparently manages to not play to a click here, by gluing the notes to the kick trigger. Perhaps that’s something that helps him get that great groove? In any case, this is not the last time you hear of Sebastian Arnold on this site, that much I know.