Plogue Chipsounds Updated to version 1.6

Anyone who grew up in the eighties has probably been marked forever by the classic synth sounds coming out of arcade machines and┬ácomputers like the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and Atari 500 (a computer that even functioned as a tight MIDI sequencer. Yes I know, figure that…). To help musicians of the new millenium make music with these sounds without the impracticalities of aquiring and using these old machines, Plogue came up with their Chipsounds softsynth, which they have now updated to version 1.6. To celebrate the update, they’ll give anyone who buys the synth before September 17th a very, very nice 50% discount. That means you can get the classic 80s computer┬ásounds that we all love for $47,50. No brainer? For a lot of people it definitely should be.

Here’s a small sample of what kinds of sounds you can get with this thing:


And what does the update do? Well, you can now apparently import .MOD, .MED, and .IFF (8SVX) files (Amiga stuff). As a bonus, the famous ST-01 sound pack is preloaded, tuned and categorized.

Also new in this release:

Added analog sounds and effects from 6 of the most iconic arcade games.
Added PC Speaker beep and casing resonance effect (i825x PIT + Speaker Impulse).
Added Custom Waveforms/Music Formulas (Viznut/co’s Experimental music from very short C programs).
Added 4-bit and DMC Mellotron Strings.
New graphical design.
Performance and Stability Improvements.

Check it out, mon!