Recommended Stuff

This page will be about gear and resources use on a regular basis – or have used in the past and liked. I’ll start filling it up with stuff really soon, I promise (I only started this blog two days ago, for crying out loud…)

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

This really is a spectacular synth, I’ve owned it for three years or so, and in that time I must have spent a thousand happy hours with it. Omnisphere is a combined sample based / virtual analog synth that lends itself extremely well to soundtrack work and most types of electronic music and music that doesn’t aim to sound like your average radio hit (although you will certainly hear it show up in that kind of music too – Omnisphere is found in top studios around the world).

It comes with thousands of factory sounds, and I personally find the amount of high quality patches remarkable, even knowing that the man behind this instrument is none other than Eric Persing, who is arguably the number 1 preset designer in the world. I’ll be doing a write up on this piece of software soon – in the meantime I urge you to check it out at if you haven’t done so already.

U-He Zebra 2

This powerhouse of a semi-modular virtual synth has become one of my most used instruments ever. With Zebra you can emulate the sounds of yesterday, or make new, modern timbres if that floats your boat. It works equally well for both applications, and I think it’s a terrific, inspiring instrument to own. Programming it might seem a little complicated at first, but once you get into it you’ll find it very, very rewarding and satisfying. It also comes with a bunch of expertly programmed presets concocted by master sound designer Howard Scarr (now a full time U-He employee – lucky bastard), and if that isn’t enough for you then just pick and choose among the high quality soundsets that can be purchased for this synth (some of which you’ll find reviewed on this very site soon). It can be purchased for a very reasonable cost at

URS Saturation

The URS Saturation plugin is one of my most used plugins. You’ll find several instances of it on every project I work on. It works great to add a little warmth, harmonics and “hair” on a sound and help bring that sound forward – slap this plugin on your tracks and you might very well find that mixing instantly becomes easier. At least, that is my experience. And tracks sound more “alive” and interesting. I would not want to be without this one, especially when I’m using softsynths so much, which tend to need some extra sweetening like what you can get with this thing. Don’t expect it to transform your sound like, say, a Vintage Warmer or Decapitator would; rather, the URS Saturation is something you use for more subtle enhancement most of the time.

Slate Digital VCC (Virtual Console Collection)

This is another set of plugins that get used very, very heavily here. VCC emulates the sound of some of the best analog consoles in the world, and it emulates them well. If you feel there’s something missing in your ITB recordings (and haven’t we all felt that at some stage), then you owe it to yourself to give the Virtual Console Collection a good try. I adds depth, warmth and life to my tracks, and helps make mixing easier and more enjoyable. I would not want to be without it.Act now and you can get yourself a great deal on this terrific product.

More to come soon…