TAL Bassline 101 – Great New Roland SH-101 Emulation from Togu Audio Line

Togu Audio Line has released a  Roland SH-101 emulation, and I’m honestly mighty impressed by it. I spent the last few hours with this thing and it’s been time well spent indeed. The TAL Bassline 101 is both fun and great sounding synth that I find seriously inspirational. I keep coming up with new riffs and melodies with this thing and I’ve already come up with a couple of pretty good sounding patches too (not very hard to do).

It’s been a long time since I used a real Roland SH-101 and since I don’t have one here I’m not going to get very argumentative about how well this softsynth emulates the original. What I will tell you, however, is that I like the sound of it a lot and will definitely find lots of places for it in my music.

Check it out (there are audio demos to listen to and demo versions of the synth to download – both for Mac & Windows) at Togu Audio Line’s home on the web. It’s only $40 for the time being – that is in my not so humble opinion a crazy bargain.

Look out for a proper review of this exciting new softsynth here soon!

Richard Devine Takes You On a Tour of His New Studio

Loved this video, so I obviously had to share it here. Richard Devine is not just a remarkably talented and skillful sound designer and musician, but he is clearly also a really great guy. Besides, he has an absolutely rocking new studio (moved downstairs from his old one) that you should check out if you have not already done so:

If you’re not familiar with Richard Devine and his work, Richard has been releasing his own music for nearly two decades now, played live around the world, and made music for both video games and a host of commercials, including work for Nike and Touchstone Pictures. Check out his stuff on Richard-Devine.com or follow him on Twitter.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at FutureMusicMagazine for the video.

Minimal System Saturn 5 Analogue Modeled Synthesizer

Saturn 5 is a new virtual instrument from Minimal System that emulates the sound of vintage analog synths. This is a PC/VST offering only, so Mac users will need to look elsewhere, I’m afraid.

From Minimal System’s site: Analogue synthesis was introduced in the early 70’s and took the music production world by storm and even inspired new musical genres. The synthesisers of the time had logical, user friendly front panels where every parameter had its own dedicated control. Minimal System Instruments have developed a synthesiser inspired by early synth pioneers with the intention of bringing back the essence of pure synthesis.

The Saturn 5 analogue modeling synthesiser has been lovingly developed to accurately produce the classic big sounds of classic synths. We have cut out the gimmicks and concentrated on perfecting the key elements of a good synthesiser such as the oscillators, the filter, and the workflow for the user.

Saturn 5 can produce big bass, sharp leads, lush pads, and modulated sequences and is suitable for any genre of electronic music.


  • Analogue modeling synthesiser inspired by ledgendary synthesis pioneers
  • 3 oscillators and 1 sub oscillator
  • Mixer for blending oscillators
  • Filter with Peaking, Low Pass, and High Pass modes with multi-mode LFO
  • Additional LFO’s for OSC 1 and 2 controlling pitch and pulse width
  • Chorus effect
  • Reverb effect
  • Full automation
  • Presets

Minimal System Instruments Plugins run on Windows based PC’s using a suitable VST host or DAW. Our plugins have been fully tested within Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, FL Studio, Energy XT, Presonus Studio One, Renoise, and Cubase.

There are no sound demos for this synth out yet that I know of, but you can of course download the demo and give it a test run. If you end up liking it, you’ll be glad to know that purchasing this synth will not break the bank: it’s only £19.99! Unfortunately for me, a power surge has just killed my Windows 7 x64 computer, so I’ll have to wait to try it out until I’ve gotten that thing fixed. Expect a review on this site shortly after that, however!

Camel Audio Update Alchemy to Version 1.5

Camel Audio has announced a new update of their highly regarded sample manipulation/additive synthesis/virtual analog synth Alchemy.

Alchemy v1.5 is designed to keep inspiration flowing with a fully-featured preset browser, over 1000* presets, faster loading times, improved remote control from the Alchemy iOS app, and many more enhancements. To celebrate the release, we’re offering 20% off Alchemy till 15th October and even better value bundles.

Powerful New Browser

The new browser is probably the most fully-featured sound browser available anywhere, allowing users to find all their slow attack strings, glitchy dubstep basses, tempo-synched warm pads, or whatever they need in a matter of seconds. Over 4,000 previously-released Camel Audio presets have been carefully tagged by category, subcategory, genre, sound library, sound designer, articulation, and timbre. Finding favourites is a breeze — simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating. Users can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular project or live set, and can also add comments to presets with playing tips or other notes. Track down the perfect sound in a host of different ways with this powerful browser.

Dedicated iOS Remote

Alchemy v1.5 with the latest update to Alchemy on iOS offers even smoother and more expressive remote control. Change preset, move the remix pad, and access performance controls — all without leaving the comfort of your controller keyboard. Previously the domain of multi-thousand dollar devices, polyphonic pitch bend is new to this update, and offers an amazingly expressive way of playing instruments — especially when combined with polyphonic aftertouch. Also users can now save desktop presets and all referenced WAVs in a single .CamelSounds file, making it easier to move sounds to the mobile version, or another PC.

Bigger and Better Bundles and 20% Off Alchemy

Alchemy Complete comprises Alchemy with all 24 sound libraries installed, including the newly-released Shlomo Beatbox. It now features over 14GB of samples and 4,000-plus presets, including 32,000 hand-crafted variations, all fully tagged for the new browser. Whether writing soundtracks, electronica, or dance music, users now have all the sounds they need at their fingertips for a newly-reduced price of $785.00 USD/€649.00 EURO/£529.00 GBP — a 50% saving on buying the products separately. The Alchemy Atmospheric and Electronic bundles have also been generously increased in size, each now offering 1,900 presets and over 6GB of samples for $399.00/€329.00/£269.00.

Alchemy itself is now bundled with 1,000 presets including a free sound library of choice, totalling a massive 5GB of exclusive samples. The v1.5 update is free to all existing users. New users can purchase Alchemy at 20% off till 15th October – just $199.00/€159.00/£143.00. Get more details on the upgrade here.