Camel Audio Artificial Intelligence: New Sound Library for Alchemy

Camel Audio has released Artificial Intelligence, a new sound library for their acclaimed (and absolutely awesome) Alchemy synth. Alchemy has become one of my favorite and most used synths, and while I do make my own sounds with it (you’d be crazy not to) I’m always excited to see Camel Audio release a new library for this synth – because I’ve found some real gems in the libraries I already own.

And this library certainly sounds like it’s right up my alley. According to Camel Audio:

“Artificial Intelligence draws inspiration from the futuristic, glitch-driven side of electronic music and is packed full of twisted, abstract soundscapes, intricately detailed sound effects, stuttering digital rhythms and warped synths and basses.

Whilst ideal for use in just about any genre of electronic music, these unusual yet versatile sounds also lend themselves to soundtrack, ambient and cinematic styles.

With eight carefully designed remix variations for every preset, it’s easy to tweak the sounds to fit your music, and with a full set of tags, finding the right sound is just a click away.”

Artificial Intelligence comes in both Desktop and Mobile versions. The desktop version contains 150 presets, works with both Alchemy and Alchemy Player, and costs 59 USD / 49 EUR / 39 GBP. The Alchemy Mobile version contains 50 presets and is available as an in-app purchase for 3.99 GBP / 4,49 EUR / 4.99 USD.

For sound demos and more info visit

Sample Logic Releases Waterharp 2

Sample Logic has released Waterharp 2, a Kontakt 5 sound library based around (but certainly not limited to) those classic “Matrixy” waterphone sound effects that work so well for giving a track or a cue that futuristic and other-worldly feel. Waterharp 2 is a 2.5 GB library that comes with over 550 instruments and multis, where waterphone samples have been scripted and and twisted and morphed, giving users both the well known waterphone type sounds as well as a host of score-ready morphed instruments one might never have guessed had anything to do with the instrument they originated from –  in true Sample Logic fashion. The library also contains enhanced, re-enginered and re-morphed versions of all the instruments from the original Waterharp library.

Sample Logic claims their latest release is the most comprehensive waterphone library to date – and I’m inclined to take their word for it. I also expect the library to be plain darn good, as I’ve been more than impressed with the handful of previous Sample Logic releases I have used, and that includes the original Waterharp library, which I’ve owned for a good while now and still use regularly. (And watch this space for a review of Sample Logic’s fairly recent release Morphestra Generations – I expect to have it ready in just a few days.)

According to the good people at Sample Logic, their new library “delivers mind-bending atmospheres, suspenseful tension building stingers, tempo-synced percussive rhythms, morphed melodic instruments and explosive score-ready impacts. “WH2″ is designed to streamline your workflow with powerful user interface controls and well-organized, genre specific, instruments and multis making it a must have sample library for all film, TV, and game composers.” Check out the demo below to get a small taste of what you can do with this instrument, or just go ahead and visit for more demos and much more info on their new Waterharp 2.

Waterharp 2 is formatted as a Kontakt based sample library, which requires a retail version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher.
Price: $99.99

Instrument categories:

  • Ambience (113)
  • Arpeggiated (22)
  • Hit Ensembles (18)
  • Impacts (79)
  • Tempo-Synced Rhythms (145)
  • Melodics (22)
  • Stingers (78)
  • Transitions (46)
  • Multis (37)

100 Free Monark Presets from Aiyn Zahev

Acclaimed sound designer and trance producer Aiyn Zahev has whipped up a nice treat for owners of Native Instrument’s eminent Minimoog emulation Monark: 100 presets free of charge, obviously highly suitable for trance but also a number of other electronic styles.

If you’re a dance music producer you probably already know of Zahev’s work, but if not then let me tell you that this guy really knows what he’s doing when it comes to sound design. I’ve followed his work in this area since the very beginning and I’m honestly quite impressed. This guy has got the talent, the skills, the ears and the taste that sets  the elite sound designers apart from the rest of the bunch – just check out what he’s done and I think you’ll see what I mean.

So if you’re a Monark owner don’t miss out on this chance to get 100 of Aiyn’s sounds for free. Head over to Aiyn Zahev Sounds and download the sound bank, and take a look at the other stuff he’s got as well: sound banks  for Waldorf Largo, NI Massive, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, U-He’s Diva & Zebra synths  etc – and they’re all sound banks of absolutely top notch quality. Highly recommended. There’s also an article section there with few BS-free reviews there that you might like. Check it out.

Here’s a quick demo of the Monark presets:

FREE Noiseash Virus TI Uplifting Trance Soundbank for Kontakt 5

Here’s a nice freebie for you Trance producers out there: Noiseash’s new Virus TI sample collection for Kontakt 5. Noiseash’s Beyhan Kilic has taken a bunch of his custom Virus sounds – big fat basses, leads, plucks and pads – and sampled them in 24 bit and layered and scripted it all into a Kontakt instrument, making the sound of the sought after Virus synth available to anyone with an updated copy of Native Instruments’ popular sampler. If you’re producing uplifting trance and hate the fact that you don’t own a Virus, this will probably help you get through your day!

Check out the demo below and download at no cost from!