Beat Assist Mantra – a Free Synth That Fuses Phase Distortion and Frequency Modulation Synthesis (Win 32-Bit)

Beat Assist Mantra is a brand new software synthesizer that fuses PD (phase distortion synthesis) with FM (frequency modulation) – I guess that would be kinda like if I took the innards of my old Casio CZ-1000 and Yamaha TX-802 synths and got some brainiac to put them in a virtual blender for me. Well, not quite, perhaps, but still: I’ve only just downloaded the Mantra and spent a few minutes toying around with it, and I quite like it. For an FM/PD synth it seems fairly easy to get your head around, and it is also equipped with stuff like good old fashioned filters (something you’re obviously not going to find on all those vintage FM and PD synths) as well as effects like reverb and distortion.

I like a good few of the presets and I think I can definitely find a use for some of them in my music, but what I’m really looking forward to exploring this thing and coming up with my own stuff. This is a synth with a simple, inviting interface, so I think I’ll be able to start doing just that and getting some decent result straight away.

BeatAssist Mantra has two oscillator modules, each with three panels. The FM Module has the basic waveforms follower by three waveform carriers (Sine/Saw/Triangle). The Phase Distortion Module has several waveforms divided in two waveform pickers. As mentioned, Mantra also has a built in effects processor.

This synth is SynthEdit based, which means it’s only available in Windows 32-bit.

Mantra was developed by Portuguese electronic music artist Duarte Vinagre.

For more info and to download for free visit

FREE Noiseash Virus TI Uplifting Trance Soundbank for Kontakt 5

Here’s a nice freebie for you Trance producers out there: Noiseash’s new Virus TI sample collection for Kontakt 5. Noiseash’s Beyhan Kilic has taken a bunch of his custom Virus sounds – big fat basses, leads, plucks and pads – and sampled them in 24 bit and layered and scripted it all into a Kontakt instrument, making the sound of the sought after Virus synth available to anyone with an updated copy of Native Instruments’ popular sampler. If you’re producing uplifting trance and hate the fact that you don’t own a Virus, this will probably help you get through your day!

Check out the demo below and download at no cost from!


TAL Bassline 101 – Great New Roland SH-101 Emulation from Togu Audio Line

Togu Audio Line has released a  Roland SH-101 emulation, and I’m honestly mighty impressed by it. I spent the last few hours with this thing and it’s been time well spent indeed. The TAL Bassline 101 is both fun and great sounding synth that I find seriously inspirational. I keep coming up with new riffs and melodies with this thing and I’ve already come up with a couple of pretty good sounding patches too (not very hard to do).

It’s been a long time since I used a real Roland SH-101 and since I don’t have one here I’m not going to get very argumentative about how well this softsynth emulates the original. What I will tell you, however, is that I like the sound of it a lot and will definitely find lots of places for it in my music.

Check it out (there are audio demos to listen to and demo versions of the synth to download – both for Mac & Windows) at Togu Audio Line’s home on the web. It’s only $40 for the time being – that is in my not so humble opinion a crazy bargain.

Look out for a proper review of this exciting new softsynth here soon!

Finally: Korg Legacy Collection Virtual Instruments Now with 64-bit Compatibility

Good news for both current owners (like yours truly) and potential owners of Korg’s Legacy Collection plugins: these guys are now available in 64-bit. Check it out at

For people who run 64-bit DAWs but don’t own any of the Legacy Collection plugins, this would probably be a good time to check them out. For only $49.99 a piece, you can now get yourself Korg’s own software recreations of classic synths like the M1, Wavestation, Mono/Poly, PolySix, and MS-20, as well as the MDE-X effects suite (only $19.99).

Note: Korg Legacy Collection  v1.0-1.1 owners must have previously purchased and registered “v1.2 Upgrade” for access to this update.

Personally, I can’t wait to hook my MS-20 controller and run the softsynth in Reaper X64 – I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to do that for over three years, as I went 64 bit in 2009 – bridges don’t always work well, and they certainly didn’t with that synth. Should be fun!