Mario Jurisch’s Synth-Project Diva Controller

With his Synth-Project, Berlin based Mario Jurisch has made a name for himself in the world of modern electronic music production by designing custom keyboard controllers both for softynths and synths that only come as tabletop versions but for which a keyboard could be useful. He has recently finished a new controller for U-He’s popular Diva virtual analog softsynth, which looks – predictably – absolutely fantastic.

Pretty much all of Jurish’s controllers look great in my opnion, but as they’re pretty rare (he describes his project as a hobby and not something he is interested in doing for financial gain) I have yet to sit down with one myself.

Considering the cost of producing these items as well as their practicality long term (what happens when major new features¬† get added in a new version of your softsynth? Build a new controller?), I doubt that we’ll ever see them available commercially, but I admit that I’d love owning one myself. These units don’t just seem to offer great functionality, but they’re also just plain beautiful to look at. I think his newest concoction, in particular, would look great next to my Kurzweil K2600XS (and I’m sure I could find a home for many of the others as well – easily)!

I wouldn’t be surprised if his “hardware Diva” will be the controller generating the most interest among softsynth users. After all, the Diva has become ridiculously popular, and many find it to be the most authentic emulation of analog synths so far. What better, then, than to get yourself a unit that actually lets you use the softsynth as if it was actually a real, hardware analog synth? For the most die-hard Diva fans, at least, it’d probably not be too far off a dream coming true.

While the harsh reality is that you’ll probably never, ever own one, I think it’s worth a look nonetheless:

Learn more about Mario Jurisch’s Synth Project and check out all his fantastic looking controllers at his website.