Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini Discuss The Virtues of Analog / Modular Hardware Synths

Here’s an  interview with Trent Reznor and fellow Nine Inch Nails member Allessandro Cortini, courtesy of the good people behind the I Dream of Wires modular synth documentary .

In the video Reznor discusses the evolution of the synthesizer from the big, analog synths he grew up with through the digital do-it-all synths of the eighties and nineties and then the emergence of the world of virtual instruments to the re-emergence of the modular synth, and  how working with real, analog hardware can yield benefits not limited to just the sound itself. We also get some input from Cortini on what the discovery of hardware synths has meant to him. Definitely worth a watch – so I thought I’d share it here.

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Beardyman Featured on London Real

London Real is a pretty darn decent podcast in my opinion (although it should be said that music stuff isn’t exactly highly prioritized), and I was happy to see those guys feature Beardyman in their latest “show” – and thought I’d share the whole thing here. Enjoy!

Thanks to the guys at London Real for this. To learn more about the guy with with the beard go here.

Richard Devine Takes You On a Tour of His New Studio

Loved this video, so I obviously had to share it here. Richard Devine is not just a remarkably talented and skillful sound designer and musician, but he is clearly also a really great guy. Besides, he has an absolutely rocking new studio (moved downstairs from his old one) that you should check out if you have not already done so:

If you’re not familiar with Richard Devine and his work, Richard has been releasing his own music for nearly two decades now, played live around the world, and made music for both video games and a host of commercials, including work for Nike and Touchstone Pictures. Check out his stuff on or follow him on Twitter.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at FutureMusicMagazine for the video.

Orbital’s Hartnoll vs Hartnoll: The Brother Battle (Classic Interview)

Cover art from Orbital's third album Snivilisation - obviously!

Here’s a real gem for you Orbital fans out there (none of whom is a bigger Orbital fan than yours truly, let’s be clear about that, ok?) from last year that I just discovered (I need to spend more time online, obviously).

This is an interview with a bit of a weird spin: each Orbital brother gets to ask the other one a question, after which the interviewee of the moment is awarded points (1-5) from the interviewer. Phil is the oldest of the two, so he gets to ask Paul the first question.

This is an absolute must watch – brilliant stuff that is coming to us from KindaMuzik on Vimeo (many thanks, guys). Just under twenty minutes in length (there was a shorter, edited version on Vimeo too, but as I only really allow hardcore Orbital fans to visit this blog I didn’t want to serve you guys something that felt a bit watered down – here you get the full, uncut interview).

You´ll get answers to questions that may have, well, haunted you for years, such as:

– What does Phil envy about Paul?
– Which Orbital album is Paul least happy with? (I’ll admit that Paul’s reply here actually surprised me a wee bit, I thought’d he’d name the one before that. I do get his reasoning behind that choice, though.)
– Where would Paul be without Phil?
– What would Paul have liked to change about the history of Orbital?

…. and more. Enjoy!


Thanks again, Brilliant stuff.