TAL Bassline 101 – Great New Roland SH-101 Emulation from Togu Audio Line

Togu Audio Line has released a  Roland SH-101 emulation, and I’m honestly mighty impressed by it. I spent the last few hours with this thing and it’s been time well spent indeed. The TAL Bassline 101 is both fun and great sounding synth that I find seriously inspirational. I keep coming up with new riffs and melodies with this thing and I’ve already come up with a couple of pretty good sounding patches too (not very hard to do).

It’s been a long time since I used a real Roland SH-101 and since I don’t have one here I’m not going to get very argumentative about how well this softsynth emulates the original. What I will tell you, however, is that I like the sound of it a lot and will definitely find lots of places for it in my music.

Check it out (there are audio demos to listen to and demo versions of the synth to download – both for Mac & Windows) at Togu Audio Line’s home on the web. It’s only $40 for the time being – that is in my not so humble opinion a crazy bargain.

Look out for a proper review of this exciting new softsynth here soon!