Finally: Korg Legacy Collection Virtual Instruments Now with 64-bit Compatibility

Good news for both current owners (like yours truly) and potential owners of Korg’s Legacy Collection plugins: these guys are now available in 64-bit. Check it out at

For people who run 64-bit DAWs but don’t own any of the Legacy Collection plugins, this would probably be a good time to check them out. For only $49.99 a piece, you can now get yourself Korg’s own software recreations of classic synths like the M1, Wavestation, Mono/Poly, PolySix, and MS-20, as well as the MDE-X effects suite (only $19.99).

Note: Korg Legacy Collection  v1.0-1.1 owners must have previously purchased and registered “v1.2 Upgrade” for access to this update.

Personally, I can’t wait to hook my MS-20 controller and run the softsynth in Reaper X64 – I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to do that for over three years, as I went 64 bit in 2009 – bridges don’t always work well, and they certainly didn’t with that synth. Should be fun!